When you purchase a CEREC, it is VERY important to register for your Sirona Connect account. Sirona Connect gives you a Direct Portal to a CEREC inLab of your choice. Without it you are using only 50% of your CEREC systems capability! So here is an quick tutorial to get you started! 

FIRST, Click here to go to Sirona Connect Registration Site.

1. Create your "User ID" and "Password" 
2. Click "Next" 

It will take up to three business days to finalize your account, but if you call Sirona at 1-800-475-5036 & tell them you need to send your case as soon as possible, they are likely to register you on the spot. 


Fill out all the required information, it won't let you click "next" if all the required fields (yellow*stars) are not filled.


Set Billing Address (or click box if addresses are the same).

You're done with registrations! But now you must log-in to select Pro-Tech Dental Arts as your "favorite lab."

Once you have logged in, look at the menu on the bottom left & select "My Favorite Laboratories"