Sirona Connect turns every Sirona System into a digital-dentistry powerhouse, allowing immediate connectivity to Pro-Tech Dental Arts. In addition to everything you already do chair-side with your Cerec, Sirona Connect opens your door to comprehensive array of indications best suited to laboratory fabrication with inLab. Sending your lab cases to Pro-Tech means you’re both using similar—and mutually familiar—technology & materials. So you already know the results will be just as precise & reliable as you are accustomed to with Cerec, all with the artistic touch of the technician.

Optical impression saves time and money
The digital impression generated by the Cerec acquisition unit saves time & reduces your labor costs. In addition, 
it is much more comfortable for the patient than a conventional impression. Unlike physical impressions, digital impressions are immune to dimensional changes. This results in superior precision – a prerequisite for sustained quality. And because the digital impression can be viewed immediately by Pro-Tech, we can discuss the case over the phone while the patient is still in the chair & even make final adjustments to the preparation.

Tutorial: How to Register For Cerec Connect

Tutorial: How To Send a Case Via Cerec Connect